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Volume 37, 2016

Number 1




Luna, F. G., Merino, J., Silva, J. D. (Córdoba National University, Argentina) & Costa, A. (University of Granada, Spain). Lexical associative norms and psycholinguistic indexes of 407 Spanish words in a Latinamerican sample. Appendix A . Appendix B. Appendix C.. Appendix D
Conard, M. A. & Marsh, R. F. (Sacred Heart University, USA). Self-efficacy Matters more Than Interruptions n a Sequential Multitasking Experiment.
Luna, F. G., Marino, J (National University. Córdoba, Argentina), García, R. (Oulton Foundation, Córdoba, Argentina), Jaldo, R. (National University. Córdoba, Argentina), Leaniz, A. F., Goa Torres, G., Acosta Mesas, A. (Córdoba National University, Argentina) & Costa, A. (University of Granada, Spain). Brain Connectivity in Emotional Regulation: The Emotional Solving Problems.
Nelson, J. B. (University of The Basque Country, Spain). A Robust Function to Return the Cumulative Density of Non-Cnetral F Distributions in Microsoft Office Excel. Appendix D, Appendix E.
Baghaei, P. (Islamic Azad University, Iran) & Ravand, H. (Vali-e-Asr University, Iran). Modeling Local Item Dependence in Cloze and Reading Comprehension Test Items Using Testlet Response Theory.
Number 2
Yudes, C. (La Rioja Interntional University, Spain), Dominguez, A. (University of La Laguna, Spain), Cuetos, F. (University of Oviedo, Spain) & de Vega, M. (University of La Laguna, Spain). The time-course of processing of grammatical class abd semantic attributes of words: Dissociation by means of ERP.
Pérez-Moreno, E., Romero-Ferreiro, V., & García-Gutiérrez, A. (Complutense University, Spain). Where to Look When Looking at Faces: visual scanning is Determined by Gender, Expression and Tasks Demands.
Scurtu, M. C., Manzano, V., & Rodríguez Testal, J. F. (Unviersity of Seville, Spain). Selection Procedure for Referential Content Words. A Methdological Proposal.
Ramos, T., Oliveira, M., Santos, A. S., García-Márques, L., & Carneiro, P.. (University of Lisboa, Portugal). Evaluating Young and Old Faces on Social Dimensions: Trustworthiness and Dominance. Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C
Felix Vico-Prieto, A., Cagigas, A., Rosas, J. M., & Callejas-Aguilera, J. E. , L. (University of Jaén, Spain). Experimental Approach to the Study of Beauty: The Role of Golden Proportion.
Manolov, R. (University of Barcelona, & Ramon Llull University, Spain), Jamieson, M. (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK), Evans, J. J. (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK), & Sierra, V. (Ramon Llull University, Spain). A discussion of alternatives for establishing empirical benchmarks for interpreting single-case effect sizes.
Ferrando, P. J., & Lorenzo-Seva, U. (Rovira i Virgili University, Spain). A Note on Improving EAP Trait Estimation in Oblique Factor-Analytic and Item Response Theory Models.