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Volume 21, 2000


 Number 1: Experimental Psychology

Alonso, M. A. (Universidad de La Laguna, Spain), and Diez, E. (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain) Directed forgetting effects with the word method: A comparison of direct and indirect memory tests


de Brugada, I. (Universidad de Granada, Spain), and Aguado, L. (Universidad Complutense, Spain).The US preexposure effect in conditioned taste aversion: The relative role of context and peri-injection cues.


Santiago, J. (University of Granada, Spain). Implicit priming of picture naming: A theoretical and methodological note on the implicit priming task.



Goicoetxea, E., (Universidad de Deusto, Spain). Production frequency for verbal items in 52 verbal categories for school children (Click this link for downloading the complete table with the production frequencies >> APPENDIX (Appendix downloadable on request)


Sierra, V., Quera, V., and Solanas, A., (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain). Autocorrelation effect on type I error rate of Revusky´s Rn test.


   SPECIAL SECTION ON ADAPTIVE TESTING (Guest Editor: Vicente Ponsoda)   

Ponsoda, V. (Universidad Autonoma. Madrid. Spain). Overview of the computerized adaptive testing special section.


Wainer, H. (Educational Testing Service, USA). CATs: Whither and whence.


Wise, S. L. (James Madison University, USA), Kingsbury, G. (Northwestern Evaluation Association, USA). Practical Issues in Developing and Maintaining a Computerized Adapting Testing Program.


Olea, J., Revuelta, J., Ximenez, M. C., and Abad, F. J. (Universidad Autonoma. Madrid. Spain). Psychometric and psychological effects of review on computerized fixed and adaptive tests.


Hornke, L. (Aachen Technical University, Germany). Response times in CAT as an additional means to differential assessment.


Vos, H. (University of Twente, The Netherlands). A Bayesian Procedure in the Context of Sequential Mastery Testing.


Numbers 2
Reyes, F, (University of Granada, Spain) and García-Hoz, V. (Complutense University, Spain). The role of ambiguous expectancy in differential inhibition: A different role for context from direct US association.


Lupianez, J., Rueda, M. R., Ruz, M., and Tudela, P.(University of Granada, Spain). Processing of attended and ignored words in the parafovea. Inhibitory aspects of semantic processing.


Vila, N. J.(Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Campus Iztacala, Mexico). Extinction and inhibition in causality judgement.


Burin, D. I. (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Delgado, A. R. (University of Salamanca, Spain), Prieto, G. (University of Salamanca, Spain). Solution Strategies and Gender Differences in Spatial Visualization Tasks.


Macizo, P., Gomez-Ariza, C. J., (University of Jaen, Spain) and Bajo, M. T., (University of Granada, Spain). Associative norms of 58 Spanish words for children from 8 to 13 years old.


Ferrando, P. J., and Lorenzo, U., (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain). Unrestricted versus restricted factor analysis of multidimensional test items: Some aspects of the problem and some suggestions.


 SPECIAL SECTION ON LEXICAL ACCESS (Guest Editor: Fernando Cuetos) 
Cuetos, F. (University of Oviedo, Spain). Introduction to the especial section on lexical access.


Perea, M., and Rosa, E. (University of Valencia, Spain). The effects of orthographic neighborhood in reading and laboratory word identification tasks: A review


Alvarez, C. J., Carreiras, M., and de Vega, M. (all of The University of La Laguna, Spain). Syllable-Frequency effect in visual word recognition: Evidence of a sequential-type of processing.


Dominguez, A. (University of La Laguna, Spain), Cuetos, F., (University of Oviedo, Spain). Segui J. (C.N.R.S. and René Descartes University, France). Morphological processing in word recognition: A review with particular reference to Spanish data.


Costa, A. (Harvard University, USA), Colome, A. (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) Caramazza, A. (Harvard University, USA). Lexical Access in Speech Production: The Bilingual Case.