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Volume 33, 2012

Number 1

Bernal-Gamboa, R., Juarez, Y., González-Martín, G., Carranza, R., Sánchez-Carrasco, L., & Nieto, J. (Autonomous National University, México). ABA, AAB and ABC renewal in taste aversion learning.
León, S. P., Callejas-Aguilera, J. E., & Rosas, J. M. (University of Jaén, Spain). Context switch effects and Context Experience in Rats' Conditioned Taste Aversion.
Cadavid, S., Beato, M. S., & Fernández, A. (University of Salamanca, Spain). False recognition in DRM lists with three critical words: Forward vs. Backward association.
Cuetos, F., Samartino, T. (University of Oviedo, Spain) & Ellis A., (University of York, UK). Age acquisition norms from elderly Spanish people: characteristics and the prediction of word recognition performance in Alzheimer’s disease.
Moldovan, C. D., Sánchez-Casas, R., Demestre, J., & Ferré, P. (Rovira i Virgili University, Spain). Interference effects as a function of semantic similarity in the translation recognition task in bilinguals of Catalan and Spanish.  
Ferrando, P. J. (Rovira i Virgili University, Spain). Assessing the discriminating power of item and test scores in the linear factor-analysis model.
Padilla, J. L. (University of Granada, Spain), Hidalgo, M. D. (University of Murcia, Spain), Benítez, I. (University of Granada, Spain), & Gómez-Benito, J. (University of Barcelona, Spain). Comparison of three software programs for evaluating DIF by means of the Mantel-Haenszel procedure: EASY-DIF, DIFAS and EZDIF.
Number 2
de Vega, M. & Urrutia, M. (University of La Laguna, Spain). Discourse updating after reading a counterfactual event.
Pons, F. (University of Barcelona, Spain), Biesanz J. C. (University of British Columbia, Canada), Kajikawa, S. (Tamagawa University, Japan), Fais, L. (University of British Columbia, Canada), Narayan, Ch. R. (University of Toronto, Canada), Amano, S. (Aichi Shukutoku University, Japan) & Werke, J. E. (University of British Columbia, Canada). Phonetic category cues in adult-directed speech: Evidence from three languages with distinct vowel characteristics
Riggio, L. (Universitá di Parma, Italy), Gherri, E. (City University, London, UK), and Lupiáñez, J. (University of Granada, Spain). Onset and offset as determinants of the Simon effect
Traverso L.M., Camino, G., Ruiz, G., & De la Casa, L.G. (University of Sevilla, Spain). Disruption of taste trace by MK-801 administration.
Lechuga, M. T., Gómez-Ariza, C. J., Iglesias-Parro, S., & Pelegrina, S. (University of Jaén, Spain). Memory dynamics and decision making in younger and older adults.
Castro, C., Moreno-Ríos, S., & Tornay, F. J. (University of Granada, Spain). Cognitive representations of obligation and prohibition signs when they provide the same amount of semantic information.
Anderson, M. J. & Layton, W. B. (Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, USA). Predatory Odor Disrupts Social Novelty Preference in Long-Evans Rats.
Larson, L. R. L (Georgia Southern University, USA), Morsella, E. (San Francisco State University & University of California, San Francisco, USA) & Bargh, J. A. (Yale University, USA). Mental Modes: Priming of Expertise-Based Dispositions in Expertise-Unrelated Contexts.
Fernández-Martín, A. & Gutiérrez-Calvo, M. (University of La Laguna, Spain). Time Course of Discrimination of Smiles: Saccade Latency Assessment.


Gordóvil-Merino, A., Guárdia-Olmos, J., & Peró-Cebollero, M. (University of Barcelona, Spain). Estimation of logistic regression models in small samples. A simulation study using a weakly informative default prior distribution.
Avetisyan, M., & Fox, J.-P. (University of Twente, The Netherlands).The Dirichet-Multinomial Model for Multivariate Randomized Response Data and Small Samples.
Zimmerman, D. W. (Carleton University, Canada). Correcting Two-Sample z and t Tests for Correlation: An alternative to One-Sample Tests on Difference Scores.
Number 3: Special Issue (2). Applications of Functional Measurement in Psychology
Hofmans, J. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Shanteau, J. (Kansas State University, USA) & Masin, S. C. (University of Padua, Italy). Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement: Applications in Psychology
Fruchart, E. (University of Artois, France) & Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, Ethics and Work, Paris, France). Factors involved in the intent to move from one team to another among handball players.

Fruchart, E. & Carton, A. (University of Artois, France). How do amateur soccer referees destabilize a match?


Vicovaro, M. (University of Padua, Italy). Intuitive physics of collision effects on simulated spheres differing in size, velocity, and material


Hofmans, J. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium). Individual differences in equity models

Yang, J-S (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan). Cultural generality of the integration of obligation and other motives.

Schlottmann, A., Harman, R. M. & Paine, J.(University College London, UK). Averaging and Adding in Children’s Worth Judgements.

Hommers, W., Lewand M., Ehrmann, D. (University of Würzburg, Germany). Testing the moral algebra of two Kohlbergian informers .
Acker, F. V. & Bakker, E. (Open Universiteit, The Netherland). A Functional Assessment of the Impact of Advantages and Disadvantages on Breastfeeding Attitude .
Mairesse, O., Macharis, C., Lebeau, K. & Turcksin, L. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium). Understanding the attitude-action gap: functional integration of environmental aspects in car purchase intentions.
Vidotto, G., Massidda, D., Noventa, S. & Vicentini, M. (University of Padua, Italy). Trusting Beliefs: A Functional Measurement Study.
Theuns, P., Baran B., , Van Vaerenbergh, R. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Hellenbosch, G. (Plantijn Hogeschool, Belgium), Tiliouine, H. (Université d'Oran, Algeria). A cross-cultural experimental approach to the contribution of health, religion and personal relations to subjective satisfaction with life as a whole
Mairesse, O. (Royal Military Academy, Belgium &Brugmann University Hospital, Belgium) , Neu, D. (Brugmann University Hospital, Belgium), Migeott, P-F. (Royal Military Academy, Belgium), Pattyn, N. (Royal Military Academy, Belgium & Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Hofmans, J., Theuns, P., Cluydts, R., De Valck, E. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium). Judgment of daytime sleepiness in self-reported short, long and midrange sleepers.

Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, France) , Morales Martinez, G. E. (Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico), Makri, I. (Athens Technological Institute, Greece), Rogé, B., Munoz Sastr, M. T. (Mirail University, France). Functional Measurement: An Incredibly Flexible Tool.


López-López, W., Pineda Marín, C., Murcia León, M. C., Perilla Garzón, D. C. (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia), and Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, EPHE, France). Colombian Lay People’s Willingness to Forgive Different Actors of the Armed Conflict: Results from a Pilot Study

Mullet, E. ( Institute of Advanced Studies, EPHE, France), Sorum, P. C. (Albany Medical College, USA), Teysseire, N. (Institute of Advanced Studies, EPHE, France), Nann, S. (University of Caen, France), Morales Martinez, G. E. (Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico), Ahmed, R. (University of Kuwait, Kuwait), Kamble, S. (Karnataka University, India), Olivari, C. (Catholic University of El Maule, Chile), Munoz Sastre, M. T. (Mirail University, France). Functional Measurement in the Field of Empirical Bioethics

Noventa, S., Massidda, D., & Vidotto, G. (University of Padua, Italy). Is there a need for more than three models?


Weiss, D. J. (California State University, Los Angeles). The use of Factorial Forecasting to predict public response.


Viegas, R. G., Oliveira, A. M. (University of Coimbra, Portugal), Garriga-Trillo, A. (UNED, Madrid, Spain), Grieco, A. (University of Coimbra, Portugal). A Functional Model for the Integration of Gains and Losses under Risk: Implications for the Measurement of Subjective Value