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Volume 20, 1999


 Number 1: Experimental Psychology


Conchillo, A., Nunes,L. M., Ruiz, T. and Recarte, M. A. Estimation of an automobil speed by an actual car or by images.

1 -12

Perea, M. Reaction Time and Cognitive Psychology: Two procedures to avoid sample size bias.

13- 21




Elosúa, P. & López, A.Differential Item Functioning and bias in the adaptation of two verbal tests.

23- 40

Oliver, A., J. M. Tomás, P. M. Hontangas, A. Cheyne y S. J. Cox. Effects of measurement error in structural equation models with and without latent variables .

41- 55

 Theoretical Notes and Reviews


Hontangas, P.H. . LPCM-Win 1.0: Program to analyze logistic linear model of the Rasch family.



 Number 2: Experimental Psychology

Perea,M and Rosa, E.Psychology of Reading and visual word recognition: A review of experimental techniques and procedures for data analysis.

 65 -90

García Bajos,E and Migueles M. Eyewitness memory in an emotional vs. neutral context


González Reyes.F.Change in the context associative value in differential inhibition: Effects of extinction and overshadowing of context cues




Real,  E., Olea , J., Ponsoda,V., Revuelta, J. and Abad F. J. Analysis of the difficulty of a mathematics test by a componential model .


Ximénez, M. C. and Revuelta,J. Application of a politomous IRT model for the attainment of commesurable measures in a scale of person-organization fit



Number 3:  Experimental Psychology

Prados, J. Latent inhibition in a navigation task: Evidence for the use of associative processes in spatial memory.


Perales, J. C.,Catena, A., Ramos M. M., and Maldonado, A. Learning of Contingency/ Causality relationships: An approach to current theoretical trends .


Paredes-Olay, M. C. and Rosas,J. M. Within-subjects Extinction and Renewal in Predictive Judgements.




Perea,  M. and Algarabel S., Statistical power with different methods for dealing with reaction time outliers: A Monte Carlo investigation.


Fidalgo, A. M. G. J. Mellenbergh and J. Muñiz, Computing single-, two-stage, and iterative Mantel-Haenszel statistics.


 Theoretical Notes

Cagigas,A. Historical Note: Tribute to Pavlov