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Volume 22, 2001


 Number 1: Experimental Psychology

Lupianez, J. (University of Granada, Spain), Weaver, B. (McMaster University Medical Center, Canada), Tipper, S. P. (University of Wales, Bangor, UK), and Madrid, E. (University of Oregon, USA). The effects of practice on cueing in detection and discrimination tasks.


Canas, J. J., Antoli, A., and Quesada, J. F.(University of Granada, Spain). The role of working memory on measuring mental models of physical systems.



Algarabel S., and Dasi, C., (University of Valencia, Spain). The definition of achievement and the construction of tests for its measurement: A review of the main trends.


   SPECIAL SECTION ON MEMORY (Guest Editor: Maria Teresa Bajo)   

Bajo, M. T. (University of Granada, Spain). Memory: Symbols, functions or both?.


Engelkamp, J. and Zimmer, H. (Saarland University, Germany). Categorical and order information in free recall of action phrases.


Brandimonte, M. A., Ferrante, D., Feresin, C., & Delbello, R. (University of Trieste, Italy). Dissociating prospective memory from vigilance processes?.


Massironi, M., Rocchi, P, (University of Verona, Italy) and Cornoldi, C. (University of Padova, Italy). Does regularity affect the construction and memory of a mental image in the same way it affects a visual trace?.


Saariluoma, P. (University of Helsinki, Finland). Chess and content-oriented psychology of thinking.


Number 2

Mendoza, E., Fresneda, M. D., Muñoz, J., Carballo, G., (University of Granada, Spain) Cruz, A. (University of Jaen, Spain). Verbal Morphology: Study of the irregularization of novel verbs in Spanish children.


Blanco, M. J., & D. Soto (University of Santiago, Spain). Measurement of sensitivity on vigilance experiments: Statistical consequences from the use of indices based on signal detection theory.


Bueno, M., & Alvarez, R. (University of Almeria, Spain). Effect of intertrial and interstimulus durations on pavlovian conditioning in rats.


Ballesteros, M. A., Gallo, M., & Maldonado, A. (University of Granada, Spain). Detection of taste aversion induced by weak unconditioned stimluli such as rotation.


Manteiga, R. D., & Chamizo, V. D. (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain). Elementary learning in spite of configural training in a navigation task.


Fernandez, A. & Alonso; M. A. (University of Salamanca & University of La Laguna, Spain). The relative value of environmental context reinstatement in free recall.


Blanca, M. J., Luna, R., Lopez, D., Zalabardo, C., Rando, B. (University of Malaga, Spain).Stimuli & Task characteristics in the global and local processing.


Langley, L. K. (University of Minnesota, USA), Fuentes, L. J. (University of Almeria, Spain), Overmier, J. B., Bastin de Jong, Ch., Prod'Homme, M.M. (University of Minnesota, USA).Attention to semantic and spatial information in aging and Alzheimer's disease.