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Volume 35, 2014

Number 1




Interview to Professor Pio Tudela
Horchak, O. V., Giger, C. H. (University of Algarve, Portugal), & Pochwatko, G. (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland). Discourse Comprehension and Simulation of Positive Emotions.
Harrison, N. R. & McCann, A. (Liverpool Hope University). The Effect of Colour and Size on Attentional Bias to Alcohol-Related Pictures.
Izura, C. (Swansea University, UK), Cuetos, F. (Oviedo University, Spain) & Brysbaert, M. (Ghent University, Belgium). Lextale: A test to rapidly and efficiently assess the Spanish vocabulary size.
Redondo, J., Alcaraz, M., Padrón, I., & Méndez, A (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain). The Use of Sounds as Stimuli in Human Electroderman Classical Conditioning.
Torres, M. N., Rodríguez, C. A., Chamizo, V. D. (University of Barcelona, Spain) & Mackintosh, N. J. (Cambridge University, UK). Landmark vs. Geometry Learning: Explaining Female rats´ selective Preference for a Landmark.
Torres-Quesada, M. (University of Granada, Spain), Milliken, B. (McMaster University, Canada), Lupiáñez, B. & Funes, M. J. (University of Granada, Spain). Proportion Congruent Effects in the Absence of Sequential Congruent Effects.
Ferré, P., & Sánchez-Casas, R. (Rovira i Virgili University, Spain). Affective Priming in a Lexical Decision Task: Is There an Effect of Words´Concreteness?.
Rodríquez, G., & Angulo, R. (Basque Country University, Spain). Simultaneous Stimulus Preexposure Enhances Human Tactile Perceptual Learning.
Romero, S. J. (Madrid Open University, Madrid, Spain), Ordoñez, X. G. (Complutense University, Spain), Ponsoda, V., & Revuelta, J. (Autonomous University, Madrid, Spain). Detection of Q-Matrix Misspecification using Two Criteria for Validation of Cognitive Structures under the Least Squares Distance Model.
Number 2
Aguado, L., Serrano-Pedraza, I., & García-Gutiérrez, A. (Complutense University, Spain). A Comparison of Backward Masking of Faces in Expression and Gender Identification.
De la Mora, D. (ICREA, Spain), Toro, J. M. (ICREA & Pompeu Fabra University, Spain). Discrimination of Acoustic Patterns in Rats Using the Water T-Maze.
Carrera, P., Muñoz, D., Caballero, A. (Autonomous University. Madrid, Spain), Fernández, I. (UNED, Madrid. Spain) & Albarracín, D. (University of Pennsylvania, USA). How Verb Tense Affects the Construal of Action: The Simple Past Tense Leads People into an Abstract Mindset.
Pérez, A., (University of Granada, Spain), Mammarella, I., (University of Padova, Italy), Bajo, T. (University of Granada, Spain), & Cornoldi, C., (University of Padova, Italy). Geometric Ability and Visuospatial Memory in Adult Population.
Abu-Laiel, A. K. (University of Haifa, Israel), Share, D. I., & Ibrahim, R. (University of Haifa, & Edmond J. Safra Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities, Israel). How Does Speed and Accuracy in Reading Relate to Reading Comprehension in Arabic?.
Picard, D., (Aix Marseille University & University of Toulouse 3, France), Albaret, J-M. (University of Toulouse 3, France), & Mazella, A. (Aix Marseille University & University of Toulouse 3, France). Haptic Identification of Raised-Line Drawings When Categorical Information is Given: A Comparison Between Visually Impaired and Sighted Children.
Marcos Malmierca, J. L., (La Coruña University, Spain). Evidence of unconscious learning generated by associative masked priming.
Gómez, C. (Jaume I University, Spain), Fuentes, L., Martínez-Sánchez, F., Campoy, G. (Murcia University, Spain), Montoro, P. R. (Open University, Spain) & Palmero, F. (Jaume I University, Spain). Emotional Cuing to Test Attentional Network Functioning in Trait Anxiety.

Gonzalez-Betanzos, F. (Michoacana University, Mexico), Abad, F. J. (Autonomous University, Spain), & Barrada, J. R., (University of Zaragoza, Teruel, Spain). Fixed Item Parameter Calibration for Assessing Differential Item Functioning in Computerized Adaptive Testing.

Nordstokke, D. W., Mitchell Colp, S. (University of Calgary, Canada). Investigating the Robustness of the Nonparametric Levene Test with more than Two Groups.

Prieto, G., & Nieto, E. (University of Salamanca, Spain). Analysis of Rater Severity on Written Expression Exam using the MFRM.

Number 3
Special Issue (3). Applications of Functional Measurement in Psychology
Mullet, E., (Institute of Advanced Studies, París, France), Oliveira, A. (Coimbra University, Portugal). Explorations in Information Integration Theory
Weiss, D. J. (California State University, USA). Evaluating Cognitive Models at the Group Level.
Tira, M. D., Tagliabue, M., Vidotto, G. (University of Padua, Italy). A Functional Measurement Study on Averaging Numerosity.
Masin, S. C., Crivellaro, F., & Varotto, D. (University of Padua, Italy). The intuitive physics of the equilibrium of the lever and of the hydraulic pressures: Implications for the teaching of elementary physics
Vicovaro, M. (University of Padua, Italy). Intuitive physics of free fall: an information integration approach to the mass-speed belief
De Sá Teixeira, N. A., Oliveira, A. M., & Duarte Silva, A. (University of Coimbra, Portugal). An information integration study on the intuitive physics of the Newton’s cradle.
Mairesse, O., Turcksin, L., & Macharis,C. (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium). A policy-based weighted averaging model to predict green vehicle market shares.
Noventa S. (University of Verona, Italy), Anselmi P., Tagliabue M., and Vidotto G. (University of Padova, Italy). Functional measurement in consumer evaluation of market products
Heimann, M. (University of Toulouse, France), Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, France) & Bonnefon, J-F. (University of Toulouse, France). Legitimacy of Executive Compensation Plans: A Preliminary Study of French Laypersons' Acceptability
Sequeira Neto, J. M. (University of Oporto, Portugal). Portuguese People’s Views Regarding the Legitimacy of Bonuses for Senior Executives in Time of Global Crisis: A Preliminary Study
Hommers, W. & Schütt, A. (University of Würzburg, Germany). Cognitions about friends’ opinions in moral information integration.
Fruchart, E., &  and  Rulence-Pâques, P. Condoning Aggressive Behaviour in Sport:A Comparison between Professional Handball Players, Amateur Players, and Lay People. 
Kamble, S. (Karnatak University, Dharwad, India) & Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, Paris, France). Young Indians’ Views on the Appropriateness of the Death Penalty as a Function of Circumstances of Crime: A Preliminary Study 

Menezes Fonseca, A. C. (University of Oporto, Portugal). Resentment, Forgiveness and Revenge Among Violent People Incarcerated for Property Offense.

Guédez, A. G. & Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, Paris, France). Venezuelan Adults’ Views on the Indivisibility of Human Rights: A Preliminary Study. 
López,  W. (Pontificia Javeriana University, Colombia),  Pineda, C. (Santo Tomas University, Colombia) &  Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, France). Views Regarding National Policies about Illicit Drugs: A Pilot Study among People Living in Bogota.
de Castro Gonçalves, J., Mónica Oliveira, A., Cunha Batalha, L.,  Fernandes, A. M., Viegas, R. &  Duarte Silva, A. (University of Coimbra, Portugal). A functional measurement approach to the Children’s Anxiety and Pain Scale-CAPS: contributions to its construct validity.
Bakker, E. C. &  Van Acker, F. (Open University of the Netherlands, The Netherland ). Message framing effects on breastfeeding attitude: a functional measurement experiment.
Charlotte Petitfils, Ch. &  Munoz Sastre, M. T. (Jean-Jaures University, Toulouse, France ). French Laypersons’ Views on Surrogate Motherhood: An Exploratory Study 
Neto, F. (University of Oporto, Portugal) and Maria Teresa Munoz Sastre (Jean-Jaures University, Toulouse, France). Acceptability of Adolescents’ Abortion: Effect of Religious Involvement and Current Legislation on People’s Views 
Bugay, A. (TED University, Ankara, Turkey), Sorum, P. C. (Albany Medical College, New York, USA), & Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, Paris, France). The acceptability of physician-assisted suicide as a function of circumstances: A preliminary study of Turkish students' views
Vera Cruz, G. (Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique) & Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, Paris, France). The impact of skin tone on perceived facial beauty: A two-culture study
Popa, B. (Private Practice, Bucharest, Romania), Guillet, L. (University of South Brittany, Lorient, France) & Mullet, E. (Institute of Advanced Studies, Paris, France). Cultural differences in the appraisal of stress
Special Report
Abstracts of the X Conference of the Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology (SEPEX) and IX COnference of the Spanish Society of Psychophisiology and Affective Cognitive Neuroscience