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The licenciaturas in Biology, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences are being phased out. For continuing the studies have to request the adaptation to the new degree.

The adaptation is only done by the students’ request,  and implies the  closing of the academic record of the licenciatura ( simultaneous enrolment in the licenciatura and degree is not possible). The automatic adaptation of the subjects successfully completed in the  licenciatura which appear in the adaptation regulations can be consulted on the  following tables .

However, in the Degrees in Biology  and Environmental Sciences there are subjects that are not included in the automatic adaptation regulations but, which are susceptible to recognition (marked with # and listed in red in the adaptation table). For recognising these  subjects, the submission of the credits recognition form is required  along with  the adaption form. 

Moreover, the First Transitory Provision of the “Regulations for the academic recognition of cultural, sports, students representation, solidary and cooperative activities” states that up to 6 free elective credits of participation in university activities may be recognised.

DEADLINE OF APPLICATION FORMS: From 15 June to 15 July 2021

Adaptation to the new degree in Biology table
Adaptation to the new degree in Environmental Sciences table
Adaptation to the new degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences table