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The curricular assessment through compensation (Regulations on assessment of Degree and Master students of the UV) is an exceptional procedure which allow students passing the last basic or compulsory subject of the Degree studies through the assessment of the students’ work during all the academic years. The requirements are: 

  •  To have studied in the UV at least 50% of the credits of the degree.
  •  Compulsory or core subjects. In the Degree in Biology the subject may be optional if is necessary for obtaining a mention. In the Degree in Environmental Sciences the subject may be optional if is necessary for obtaining a itinerary.
  •  The last subject for completing the Degree, except the Degree Final Project and the Work Placements.
  •  To have sat 6 or 4 examination calls if it is a last year subject.
  •  To have a mark of at least 3,5 in some of the examination calls of the subject.
  •  To have an average mark of the academic record at the moment of the compensation equal or higher than 6.
  •  To submit the application form addressed to the Principal in the established deadline.

The extraordinary examination call can be granted only once (whether if this has been requested in this degree or any other degree of the UV) and never for the Degree Final Project or the Work Placements.

The application form should be filled in through ENTREU

Deadline: A month from the completion date of the examination period set in the official academic calendar.