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Erasmus Placement Programme


You can find the information in the web of the International Relations Service (Servei de Relacions Internacionals).



Centre’s specific instructions Modality A


Degree students who, in one way or another, want to take the subject of Traineeship, will have to register in the corresponding course in the ordinary enrolment period.

The election of work placements in the adjudication process is irreversible (except that there are circumstances of force majeure, such as the company shutdown, deletion of the line of work, etc.). Therefore, the student who chooses a practice not linked to the Erasmus Placement programme will not be able to cancel the contract previously signed, in order to carry out the practices in an exchange programme.

Students enroled in the subject who wish to apply for the Erasmus Placement Scholarship must: 

1.- Search for the host entity and send to it the Annex II, which is located on the web page of International Relationswith the request that the aforementioned entity be duly completed and signed.

You can access information on how to find a host entity at this address

2.- When the student has received the annex II completed by the host entity, he must send a scanned copy, together with his / her Internship Proposal, in the Centre's Work Placements Committee (coordinator: requesting the approval of the proposed Work Placement. 

3.- Once the practical proposal has been approved by the Commission, it will provide the student the document that certifies it.

4.- The student must attach this document scanned to the application of the Erasmus Scholarship, together with Annex II duly completed and signed.

If students are assigned a practice linked to the Erasmus Placement Scholarship and finally do not obtain the scholarship or problems arise that prevent them from moving to carry it out, they could choose another practice between those who were vacant in the awarding or unsubscribe the subject of Traineeships and enrol, if applicable, other subjects as long as they have not begun teaching.

The students of the Degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, who register in other optional subjects in the ordinary enrolment period and subsequently decide to apply for the Erasmus Placement Scholarship, may request, before January 8, 2021, the corresponding registration modification.