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Seats offered for work placements, 2021-22


Work Placements. Call for the Academic Year 2021-22



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Work Placements in a country not included in the Erasmus Program:


The Center Practices Committee of the Faculty of Biological Sciences has approved, on July 1, 2019, that students admitted to do internships abroad, in a country not included in the Erasmus Program, have the possibility that they are recognized as curricular, provided that the Commission accepts the proposed practice submitted following the specific procedure for this modality.

Students who, on 31 July, do not meet the requirements for enrolling in the Work placements but they are allowed due to the grades they earned in the first semester, and this subject enrolment means the completion of the degree, they may enrol within the enrolment extension period established only for the Degree final project and the Work placements in the term established submitting the corresponding request at the secretary office. The deadline for submitting applications will be February.