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Preparación de muestras
Sample preparation: cryostat, microtome and paraffin embedding system
Brand: Cryostat: SLEE MNT, microtome: LEICA RM2125 RTS, paraffin embedding system: LEICA EG 1150 H. Cold plate: LEICA EG1150 C

The cryostat, also known as cryotome, is a freezing microtome used for cutting slices of frozen material. It’s located on a cold room’s interior.

The microtome is used to make histological cuts that vary in thickness. It’s a precision tool allowing to obtain uninterrupted series of cuts of even and specific thickness.

The paraffin embedding system is a perfusion of paraffin itself within tissues which creates a homogeneous medium allowing to make cuts of little thickness with ease and precision.


Fully automatic floorstanding cryostat. It’s characterised by a simple and intuitive handling. It’s a fully automatic precision microtome that doesn’t require much space. The big stainless steel chamber’s temperature can be lowered to -35 ºC within a minimum time interval. In terms of sample preparation, it includes 24 accommodations for the preparation of directly-frozen samples.

The Leica RM2125 RTS microtome is a manual rotary microtome designed for the thin cut of samples of various hardness degrees, and it’s intended for routine and research labs within the fields of biology, medicine and industry. It’s useful to cut soft paraffin-embedded samples as well as hard ones, provided that the latter are fit to being manually cut.

The new Leica EG1150 modular embedding system is composed of two separate units: the Leica EG1150 C cold plate (cool) and the Leica EG1150 H paraffin dispenser unit (hot). To maximize work flexibility, both units can be installed by convenience order, based on the requirements of each lab.

Practical implementation
  • Sample preparation for its later microscope observation.
Terms of use

Users are allowed to use this equipment only after receiving appropriate information by technicians.

UV structures that manages it
Central Unit for Research in Medicine (UCIM)
  • Priego Villanueva, Sonia
  • PAS-E.T.S. Investigacio
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  • Ibañez Gonzalez, Antonio Jose
  • PAS-E.T.S. Investigacio
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