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SP2 confocal microscope
Type: Equipment

The confocal microscope allows us to visualise samples with different fluorescent markings obtaining images of great sharpness and quality due to the fact that the image obtained is not contaminated by light emitted outside the focal plane. Thanks to this confocality feature, it allows us to perform three-dimensional reconstructions from optical sections.


Inverted microscope with 4 detectors, one of them for transmitted light.

It has three visible excitation lines: 488nm, 543nm and 633nm and an ultraviolet laser of wavelength 351 and 361 nm.

As it is inverted, it can be used for both fixed samples and live cells. It also includes an incubation system for temperature and CO2 control.

It has 4 objectives 10x, 20x, 40x (oil) and 63x (oil).

It has a module to perform FRET.

Practical implementation
  • Localisation of proteins, organelles, cells, tissue structures using fluorescent markers.
  • Three-dimensional analysis of biological samples: immunofluorescence in cells, tissues, biofilm...
  • Studies of colocalisation, internalisation and cellular traffic.
  • Material studies.
  • Analysis of cells in vivo and in real time by means of markers and/or fluorescent diffusion proteins (GFP) and derivatives.
Quality certifications

ISO 9001

Terms of use

This equipment can be used by users after receiving appropriate training by technicians.

UV structures that manages it
Central Unit for Research in Medicine (UCIM)
  • Priego Villanueva, Sonia
  • PAS-E.T.S. Investigacio
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  • Ibañez Gonzalez, Antonio Jose
  • PAS-E.T.S. Investigacio
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