Introduction to Sustainability and SDGs in University Teaching

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Schedule: From 22 july 2020 to 6 september 2020. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 10:00 to 23:55.




Registration open from July 22 to September 6

From the Vice-Rector's Office for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability, and in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-Principal for Vice-Rector's Office for Employment and Training Services and its Service for Ongoing Training and Educational Innovation, the Delegation for Sustainability launched the course Introduction to Sustainability and SDGs in general in University Teaching.

This course has been developed by the "Curricular Sustainability" Working Group of the CRUE-Sustainability sector to facilitate the processes of incorporating sustainability into university teaching. We now have the opportunity - at our own Universitat de València - to participate in it.

This course is incorporated in our university within the framework of the project Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): I do. With this project, internal and external processes are dynamised to critically analyse and execute actions that make possible the care and respect for people and the planet. The course is an invitation to reconsider your own teaching practice from the perspective of sustainability. We want to accompany you in the challenge of managing in a prudent and safe way so that the training we offer allows new generations to activate innovative technological, social, business, health, agro-ecological, labour and economic models. Models that allow us to reverse and/or mitigate the devastating effects of the current model. We need people like you, motivated to offer quality teaching. Are you joining us?

Registration for the course will be open from July 22nd to September 6th. From September 14th you will have all the materials available online to work at your own pace. We will share 3 synchronous sessions in which you will receive all the help you need.

The PDI (Teaching and Research Staff) of our university has to use this link for the registration:

If anyone, who is not a PDI at our university, is interested, they can use this other access route:

All the information is available on the UVsustainability website:

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Delegate for Sustainability, Office of the Vice-Principal for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability, Office of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Services and its Staff Development Service and Educational Innovation..



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