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Our orchids. Exhibition.

Les nostres orquídies. Lluís Ibañez.

Schedule: From 4 may 2018 to 31 may 2018. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 10:00 to 21:00.


Place: Sala Hort de Tramoieres. Jardí Botànic UV. C/ Quart 80


The Botànic welcomes 'Our orchids', a photographic exhibition by Lluís Ibáñez directed by the Ateneu de Natura association that aims to highlight the great biodiversity of wild orchids that we can find in our territory, from an artistic and seductive point of view that will make us rediscover our natural heritage.

Although we usually link orchids to the rarity, beauty and exoticism of the distant rainforests, we can also find them here, close to home, although smaller and shyer. Many of them do not reach 15 cm in height and grow hidden in nature, going completely unnoticed, says Ibáñez. But although discreet and rare, our orchids, the native ones, are always beautiful and important because they are often threatened species with little protection, so they need to be better known to be appreciated and respected.

In this sense, this project is the result of more than 50 spectacular photographs, of great beauty and detail, captured in the Els Ports massif in Castelló. An area of geomorphological unity and geological, landscape and, therefore, botanical complexity, where half of the 115 species of orchids found in the Iberian Peninsula are represented. A treasure of nature that reveals this "hunter of moments moved by a deep appreciation for his country, for the natural heritage".

The exhibition will be on display in the Hort de Tramoieres hall of the Botanical Garden throughout the month of May, as part of the thematic agenda that the Garden has organized throughout this month around orchids.

Opening: Saturday, May 5, at 12 noon.

Organized by:

Jardí Botànic de la Universitat de València .



Contact: cicbotanic@uv.es

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