UV Summer School 2024
UV Summer School 2024

The Universitat de València is to host a new edition of the Summer School ‘Nau Menuda i Nau Jove’ from 1 to 31 of July.


The Summer School is intended for the children of members of the university community, including PDI (teaching and research staff), PAS (services and administrative personnel), students and members of Alumni UV. It aims to transform the university into a space for educational entertainment.

This edition’s theme is EstiuEsArt (Summer is art).

Summer provides valuable free time to relax and disconnect from our daily routines. With the Summer School at the Universitat de València, we hope to turn this great opportunity of summer into a time and space for creation and communication.

Art allows us not only to develop creativity, expression and imagination, but it is also a means to express emotions and even propose creative solutions for daily life with an imaginative, flexible and resolute perspective.


Date From 8 may 2024 to 26 may 2024. 24h. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.


Date From 1 july 2024 to 31 july 2024. 24h. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.


Universitat de València

c/ Amadeo de Saboya

Valencia (46010)

Organized by

UV General Foundation.



Contact nau.menuda@uv.es

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