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Activities 2014-15 school year
2014-15 school year
  Debate Competition: Game rules  Deadline 28/11/2014  Bases 
 Fair-Contest Experimenta: on Physics and Technology demonstrations and experiments  Deadline 13/02/2015  Bases
 5th Comic Contest “To infinity and beyond”  Deadline 30/04/2015




 V  Photography Contest ‘One picture, one language’ 
 V Flash Fiction Contest “You have an e-mail” 
 V Flash Poem Contest “Explain how you feel in 700 characters” 
 V Digital Story Contest “E-literature: explain it another way”
 ‘Business Venture’ Contest in professional training  From 16 March to 1 April 2015  Basis
  Third Contest on Literary and Artistic Expressions ‘Open University’   October-November 2014  Basis
  Second Contest on ‘Understanding society through Social Sciences’  Until 19 December 2014  Basis
  First Contest on Philosophycal Photography  Until 23 February 2015  Basis