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FAIR-CONTEST “Experimenta” of Exhibitions and Experiments in Physics and Technology


The FAIR-CONTEST “Experimenta” organised by the Faculty of Physics of the Universitat de València, aims to turn secondary education, upper secondary education and Intermediate Level Training Courses students into active and creative protagonists and science popularisers.

With the aim of bringing science and technology closer to the public, especially involving the younger public. Secondary school pupils who participate, preparing projects which, once completed, are exhibited and explained at a fair open to the public, highlighting the relationships between natural phenomena and the technological applications that surround us, i.e. between physics and technology.


Any secondary school student (secondary education, vocational training, upper secondary education, intermediate level training courses), individually or in groups with a maximum of 4 members. Each group must be supervised by a teacher from their school to carry out the work. Several groups from the same school may participate, provided that the projects submitted are complementary and that there are no more than three projects from the same course.


Any experimental project in which a physical principle or its practical application, and especially its interrelation, can be demonstrated at a qualitative level.

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