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Aimed at students of Bachillerato (Spanish upper secondary school education).

General rules

1. Goal: the goal of the Olympics called by the University of Valencia is to promote the study of different areas such as Biology, Geology, Geography, Economy, Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Chemistry, Classical Languages and Valencian language among young people; award the academic effort and excellence and be a point where secondary education meets university.

2. Beneficiaries:
 this call is aimed at Bachillerato students enrolled in any public or private centre of the Valencian Community. The participation of students from the last year of ESO (Spanish Secondary Education) will also be accepted as an exception, according to what is established in the specific call that will also set the prize to be awarded.

3. Calls:
the University of Valencia will issue an annual Olympics call for each one of the areas aforementioned in the first rule. The number of possible winners will be established in the call.

The prize awarded will be a grant that will cover the cost of tuition fees to study any of the official degrees taught at the University of Valencia.
In the event that the winning student of the Olympics had obtained free tuition fees by other means, the award will consist of a 600€ grant for books and study materials.
If the student has been the winner in two or more Olympics, successively or simultaneously, it could be awarded with free tuition-fees one time and a 600€ grant for books and study material, or with two grants for books and study materials, as far as they enrol in the University of Valencia.
The prizes are valid for two years after they have been awarded.
In any case the awards are personal and non-transferable.

5. Selection: the Evaluation Committee appointed by the University of Valencia for each one of the areas will propose the award of prizes, after making the appropriate tests. In the event of a tied scoring between two participants, the Evaluation Committee will propose the solution.
The award of prizes, according to the proposal of the Evaluation Committee, will be made by the Delegation for University Integration.
The list of awarded students will be published in the website of the University of Valencia