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Olympics of the University of Valencia 2023-2024


  • Objectives: to serve as a link between secondary school and university studies, to promote study in different fields of knowledge by secondary school students, to reward effort and academic excellence and to encourage the most outstanding students in different branches of knowledge to take his university degree studies at the University of Valencia.
  • Participants: High school students, and exceptionally 4th year ESO students, from public and private educational centers, preferably in the province of Valencia, can participate.
  • Calls: The University of Valencia, through the Delegation for Incorporation into the University, collaborates with secondary schools and with the centers of our university in carrying out the local phases of the Olympics in the branches of: Biology, Classics, Economics, Philosophy, Physics, Geography, Geology, History, Art History, Computer Science, Linguistics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Valencià. For each of their branches, a specific call is made, in which the conditions or additional requirements to participate are established. This call determines the number of possible winners in each area.
  • Study aid for winning students: The students who win the Olympiad will receive study aid worth €1,000. This aid will be effective only in the event that the winning person has enrolled in the first year, in a bachelor's degree at a center belonging to the University of Valencia. The study aid obtained is personal and non-transferable and can be made effective in the two years following receipt. If the students have won the local phases of one or more Olympiads, successively or simultaneously, they can receive a single study aid for a single degree from the University of Valencia.


                    Inscription                                  Local Phase                Bases   
Biology 01/10/24 - 02/07/24 02/16/2024 + info
Classics 12/02/24 - 08/03/24 03/23/2024 + info
Economics 20/02/24 - 21/03/24 03/23/2024 + info
Philosophy Until 18/01/24 01/18/2024 + info
Physics 10/06/23 - 10/25/23 02/22/2024 + info
Geography 02/12/24 - 03/04/24 03/22/2024 + info
Geology 04/12/23 - 12/01/24 01/26/2024 + info
History 02/12/24 - 03/04/24 03/22/2024 + info
Art History 02/12/24 - 03/04/24 03/22/2024 + info
Computer Science Until 12/20/23 01/26/2024 + info
Linguistics 01/16/24 - 02/10/24 04/13/2024 + info
Mathematics Until 01/15/2024 01/19/2024 + info
Chemistry 11/09/2023 03/01/2024 + info
Valencià 12/02/24 - 08/03/24 03/23/2024 + info


Registration and participation in the Olympics of the University of Valencia imply acceptance of this call and the rules of each of the local phases.