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In this programme, groups of secondary and upper secondary school students will be able to experience laboratory work at the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and the School of Engineering.

The main aims of these activities are:

  • To foster relations between the University and secondary schools.
  • To make resources available from the Faculties of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and the School of Engineering to upper secondary school students and teachers.
  • To encourage upper secondary school students to carry out experiments in order to improve comprehension of fundamental concepts.
  • To promote studies in biological sciences, physics, chemistry and engineering such as industrial engineering and computer science.
Activities Registration Programmes
Biology in Your Hands From the 16/11/2012 to the 30/11/2012 Programme
Discover the Microscopic World From the 24/09/12 to the 15/10/12 Programme
Enjoying Chemistry Until the 19/11/12
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Physics Experimenta Classroom From the 26/11/12 to the 16/12/12 Programme
School of Engineering Workshops From the 01/11/12 to the 23/11/12
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Science ARA: for high achieving students - Programme