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The aim is to bring chemistry to schools. The programme will have a double aspect: the first one, the dissemination of science in schools, so that secondary and high school students know first-hand what chemistry is and what we do at the Faculty of Chemistry; the second aspect will consist of bringing the magic of chemistry to the classroom with simple but very visual demonstrations.

To whom it is adressed:

High school pupils from schools in the province of Valencia.


From 15 November to 15 December 2021

Date and place:

January - May 2022, in high schools.


Faculty of Chemistry of the Universitat de València


  • Javier Ruiz Pernia, Coordinator of the Degree in Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry.
  • Begoña Milián Medina, vice-dean of incorporation to the Degree of the Faculty of Chemistry.


Faculty of Chemistry of the Universitat de València