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Do you know what a gene is? How many do you think we have? Do you know why there are people who are lactose intolerant? Or right-sided? What is colour blindness and why does it mostly affect men? Do you know why tricoloured cats are female? And do you know that we have cells programmed to die? In the exhibition "Una visita al genoma" (A visit to the genome), we want to answer these and other questions about heredity.

“Una Visita al genoma”

is not a normal exhibition. It is the result of an ApS (Apprenentatge i Servei) project carried out by the GEMEG collective (group for the elaboration of educational materials on genetics) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the study of Biology at the Universitat de València, the exhibition aims to visit secondary schools with the objective of becoming a working tool for science students, especially in the first and second year of high school, as well as for scientific dissemination in general. At the same time, based on genes and chromosomes, we present a wide range of basic concepts of genetics as well as some curiosities.

The exhibition consists of 30 panels of 70x100 cm (wide and high), written in Valencian. There are QR codes and web links to consult them both in Valencian and Spanish. The exhibition can also be complemented with an educational proposal for an active visit, aimed at students in the third and fourth years of secondary education, which consists of answering questions related to the structure of the human genome and genetic concepts.

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