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What is it?

The professor of a subject taught at the university asks his students to write a script for a short play about chemical concepts aimed at science students in the upper secondary school. That is the starting point for the entertainment you will have the opportunity to witness.

Can theatre and chemistry be combined?

It is possible, we have done it and the final result has been fantastic. "Theatre is pure Chemistry; Chemistry is pure Theatre" is an academic activity that pursues three objectives: firstly, that the authors and the actresses/actors face the challenge of motivating a group of 16-18 year olds to study Chemistry. Secondly, to analyse and dissect the most basic chemical notions, to find that metaphor, that unexpected and surprising situation, which allows them to approach them in a different way. And, lastly, that those who go to enjoy the play from the stalls see this discipline with different eyes, that they recognise and value its presence in everyday life and that they even fall a little more in love with it.

This is not, therefore, a play performed by professional actors and actresses. It is essentially the students who bring it to life. They put everything they had at their disposal: their ingenuity, their best effort and the little time that classes and practices left them to rehearse. They are united, we are united, by our passion for this science of ours, so rich, so versatile and so exciting.


The project began in 2008 at the Universitat de València (UV) and, since then, more than fifty performances have already taken place, not only in the Darwin Hall at the Burjassot Campus of the UV but also, for example, in the Parque de las Ciencias in Andalucía-Granada (2009), in the Casa de Cultura Marqués González de Quirós in Gandía (2010 and 2011), at the Ramiro de Maeztu Institute in Madrid (as part of the events of the International Year of Chemistry 2011), at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Alacant (2013) or at the Matilde Salvador Hall of the Cultural Centre La Nau (during the 1st Meeting of Proposals for Teaching Innovation and Theatre of the UV "Theatre as a teaching tool in the classroom", held in 2018).

For this project, Professor Rosendo Pou received in 2010 the Universidad-Sociedad Award in the "Quality and Teaching Innovation" category, awarded by the Board of Trustees of the UV.

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