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A university professor asks the students to write the script for a short play about chemical concepts aimed at high school students. This is the starting point of the entertainment that you will see.

Is it possible to mix chemistry and theatre?

Yes it is possible, indeed we did it and the final reaction became a fantastic and incredible result.
Theatre is pure Chemistry, Chemistry is pure Theatre, is essentially an academic activity that seeks two goals: first, that the authors/actors face the challenge of motivating a group of youngsters (16-18 years old) to study chemistry, and second, to analyse the most basic chemical concepts in order to find that metaphor, an unexpected and surprising situation, that allows them to approach to chemistry in a different but amusing way.

Therefore, that’s not a play performed by professional actors and actresses. Essentially, the roles will be played by the students. They have poured their heart and soul into it: they gave their wit, their good will and the limited time that classes and placements left them for rehearsing. Many of them are students of Chemistry; others, however, are enrolled in Biology, Pharmacy or Mathematics, but they all, we all, are united by our passion for this discipline, so rich, so versatile and so exciting.

Professor Rosendo Pou Amérigo has been awarded in 2010 the Consell Social-Universitat de València Prize for this project.

What’s this activity all about, according to the articles published: