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OBJECTIVES: On the one hand, the aim is to carry out coordinated work between a group of secondary school and university teachers. On the other hand, the aim is to motivate secondary school students towards experimental work and engineering, introducing the methods and techniques of computer engineering and multimedia technologies. 



Installation and configuration of a web portal content manager. The installation is carried out using virtual machines, so those students who come with a pendrive will be able to take the manager with them and use it on their own computers.


This workshop covers the concepts necessary for the development of a small three-dimensional game. The workshop begins with a brief theoretical introduction where the concepts of virtual world, cameras, geometry, lighting and physical behaviour are introduced. It continues with the practical creation of a mini-game, using specific software for the development of video games and 3D applications.


What is augmented reality and how can we create augmented reality content? In this workshop we aim to familiarise students with this technology, which is increasingly present in our lives. To do so, we will review what augmented reality consists of, what elements are needed to visualise virtual objects, what devices are used and, all of this, while we create our own example.

PARTICIPANTS: Students of technology, computer science, industrial technology and/or physics and chemistry from 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato and Higher Level Training Cycle.

COORDINATORS: Ángel Robles and Julio Martos

REGISTRATION DATE: From the 4th to the 20st of November 2022

DATE AND PLACE: Week of 16 to 20 January 2023. Each group will come on a day that will be assigned by the organisation.

TIMETABLE: 9:30-13:30


Tf.: 963543211

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