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  • Biology Olympiad 2023 Rules [pdf]


  • Stimulate the study of biological sciences among young people.
  • To reward effort and academic excellence.
  • To disseminate biology and serve as a meeting point between secondary education and the university.


The Biology Olympiad 2023 is open to all students from schools enrolled during the 2022-2023 academic year in the subject of Biology in the 2nd year of secondary school. The test will be held simultaneously in the three provinces of the Valencian Community. Participation is individual.


  • Syllabus of Biology and Geology for 4thESO and 1st year of Baccalaureate, referring to the Biology contents (excluding the geology contents).
    Programa de l'assignatura de Biologia de 2n de batxillerat que figura en el Decret 102/2008 d'11 de juliol de 2008. DOC 5806 (Excluding "Microbiology and Immunology. Applications").

Calendar of exams

The exam will be held on Friday 17 February 2023, at 4pm at the Aulari Interfacultatiu of the Burjassot Campus.

Registered students will be summoned to the exams without the need for subsequent personal notification. Exceptionally, the date and time may be changed if circumstances so require; in this case, the centres will be informed in due course.

Exam type

The exam is anonymous and lasts two hours.

It will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions relating to the subject matter indicated in the previous section. Each question has four options, only one of which is correct. Four errors cancel a correct answer. Unanswered questions will not be taken into account.