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The Economics Olympiad has been postponed until a new date.


The Economics Olympiad is a competition of academic and educational nature, whose basic objective is to encourage and to promote the study of Economics and Business between High School Students. Although, the Olympiads aims to award effort and academic excellence, to disseminate the studies on Economy and Company, and to serve as a meeting point between Secondary and University education.


All students of Secondary Education Centres you can participate of the Valencian Community who are enroled at the academic year 2018-19 in the subject of Business Economy of the Second Year of Upper Secondary Educational (Spanish Bachillerato). The test will be held simultaneously in the three provinces of the Valencian Community. Participation is individual.


The students interested in participating should fill out the registration available on the website of the organising faculties depending on the province in which the test is done. Students should register in the University of the Province where the Secondary Centre in which they are taking their studies is:

The enrolment period is from from March 9 to March 30, 2020


The examination topics are the corresponding to the contents of Economy of the first year of the Spanish upper secondary school education and Economy of Business of the second year of the Spanish upper secondary school education. Since the official contents of Business economics will not be completed by the planned day for the performance of the test on March 24, 2018, the organising committee has decided that the blocks of this subject that will be reviewed will be the first six of the content contained in the decree that establish the curriculum of Spanish upper secondary school education LOMCE (Decree 87/2015, of 5 June, of the Council, by which the curriculum is established and the general legislation of the Compulsory Secondary Education and the Spanish upper secondary school at the Valencian Community is developed), that is to say, all the blocks of the programme excluding the one related to the economic role of the company.


The examination will be anonymous and will consist in a two hours and a half on the contents of Economy of the 1st year of Upper Secondary Education and the first six topics of the programme of the Economy of Business of the 2nd year of Upper Secondary Education. The test will be the same in the three provinces of the Valencian Community. In Valencia, the test will be held at the South Classrooms Building of the Tarongers Campus (Universitat de València).

  • Date: Exam date postponed
  • Time: 10:00h
  • Lecture Rooms: 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/1.1/1.2. Facultat d’ADE de la Universitat Politècnica de València

Exceptionally, the day and/or time of the local test could be modified, if the circumstances required it, this information will be communicated to the centres.

The students registered are called to the tests without the need of further communications.

The exam will have three parts. The first part has six questions, three from the contents of Economy and three from the contents of Economy of Business, among which the student will choose and answer a maximum of three. These questions are of theoretical nature about the basic concepts and their relationship to each other, and each question will mark a maximum of 1,5 points. The second part of the exam will consist on two practical exercises, one of the contents of Economy and the other one of the contents of Economy of Business, among which the student will choose and solve only one of them, which will mark a maximum of 3 points. In the third part of the test the students should comment a text on any current financial topic (determined by the organisers), which will mark a maximum of 2,5 points.

Publication of the Local Phase results 2020

The local phase of the Economics Olympiad in Valencia is jointly organized by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia and the Faculty of Business Administration of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The results will be published on the websites of both universities.

The Academic Evaluation Commission will determine the ten winning students in the local phase. The top six will represent both organizing universities in the Spanish Economics Olympiad. The process of registration to the National Phase will be done by the organizing authority.

  • Download Olympics local phase results 2020

Finalists and Local Phase awards of the Province of Valencia 2019

The local phase of the Olympiad in Valencia will be jointly organised by the Universitat de València and the Universitat Politècnica de València.

The Assessment Academic Committee will resolve who the ten students awarded are in the Local Phase. The top six students classified will represent the two organising universities in the Spanish Olympiad of Economics.

The awards will be the following:

  • Universitat de València:

    Winners of Olympics will receive a study allowance worth €1000.  This allowance will be paid only in case the winning student has registered for the first year, in a degree at Universitat de València, in one of its own centres.
    Study allowances are personal and non-transferable and can be received in the two academic years following achievement.  If the student has won local stages in one or more Olympics, successively or simultaneously, s/he can receive only one study allowance for only one degree at Universitat de València

  • Universitat Politècnica de València:
    The Universitat Politècnica de València will exempt from the payment of public rates for academic services corresponding to the year 2017/2018 to the winner students that enrol in any of the official studies given by this university.
    In the case that the student is already beneficiary of this exemption for any other reason and formalise the enrolment in the Universitat Politècnica de València, the student will receive instead the amount of 1,000€ as an aid for studies (with the corresponding retention of the IRPF).

Moreover, the ten top students who obtain the best qualification in the Local Phase and the professors of the three students better qualified will receive an additional prize provided by the Valencia Stock Exchange in an event that will be celebrated at the Valencia Stock Exchange whose time and date will be announced in due course.

Spanish Economy Olympics

The 12th Edition of the Spanish Economy Olympics will be held in xxxx.
More information in:

Image rights

Regarding the images (photos, videos, etc.), tests, quizzes and other activities of the local phase of the Olympiad, will be treated according to the rules of the respective universities. The awards ceremony is a public event and graphic reports will be property of the respective universities, who are free to use this material in their publications, websites, etc.

Organizer-evaluation committee of the Olympiad of Economics at Valencia

The organizing and evaluation committees of the Faculty of Economics of the Universitat of Valencia and the Faculty of Business Administration at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, will be composed of teachers of the respective schools.

Coordination Faculty of Economics University of Valencia: Amparo Gimeno Ruiz ( ).

Other requirements

Participation in this call implies full acceptance of its rules and the decision of the Evaluation Commission, whose results are final.

In collaboration with:

  • Bolsa de Valencia
  • Colegio de Economistas de Valencia
  • Cátedra "Finanzas internacionales" del Banco de Santander.



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