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Call open to students of 4th year of E.S.O., 1st and 2nd year of Batxillerat from all over the Valencian Community.

In the 14th Philosophy Olympics of the Valencian Community we propose the activity: "Philosophical photography". Its aim is to discover other creative ways of practising philosophical activity by encouraging reflection based on images. We live in a world of images, but do we know how to look, do we know how to provoke the gaze of others, do images make us think? The aim of this competition is to answer these and similar questions.

The question that will accompany the photograph will focus on the general theme of the Spanish Philosophy Olympics (OFE): "Transhumanism, improvement or end of the human species?", which can be approached from different perspectives of the students' choice.


  1. Each centre may submit a maximum of 5 photographs by different authors.
  2. The photographs must be original.
  3. Compositions or modifications of one or several original photographs may be made.
  4. The photographs must be unpublished and not awarded in any other contest.
  5. The photographs must visibly include a philosophical QUESTION that is related to and interacts with the image. The question will form part of the composition and will be superimposed on the photograph. This question will be the only written text that can be attached to the image. This restriction will not affect the texts that belong to the photographed objects.
  6. The organising committee reserves the right to reject works that are not in keeping with the theme and objectives of the competition or that may be offensive.
  7. Photographs in which recognisable persons appear must be accompanied by a letter signed by these persons authorising the use of their image.
  8. Previously awarded photographs will not be accepted. The participant declares and guarantees that he/she is the sole owner of all copyrights on the photograph submitted to the competition and is fully responsible for the absence of third party rights on the works submitted, as well as for any third party claims for image rights.
  9. From among all the photos submitted, a selection may be made to be printed and exhibited at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences on the occasion of World Philosophy Day or other events.
  10. The photographs may form part of the projections of the final day of the regional phase of the Philosophy Olympiad of the Valencian Community.


  1. The photographs must be sent in an archive in jpg format. 
  2. The weight of the file must be more than 1.5 MB and less than 5 MB.
  3. The name of the archive must include the name of the school, the locality and the pseudonym of the author. (Example: IESJOANFUSTER_SUECA_elektra).