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TFGs to promote Biological Sciences in pre-university education stages

In the Degree's Final Project (TFG), all the student's learning converges. The maturity acquired and the assimilation of contingencies is shown by the ability to transmit basic ideas to students in other educational stages. This proposal seeks to bring together final year undergraduate students from the Faculty of Biological Sciences with secondary school students to shape together natural science projects aimed at primary school students, with the aim of consolidating these basic ideas in a practical way by means of the service-learning methodology (ApS). The project consists of the elaboration of a model, workshop, manipulative experience, didactic itinerary, etc... and once developed, it competes in the Fira Projectes Natura (Nature Projects Fair) framed in Expociencia. Here you can see the 24 projects developed during the 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years, supervised by the DoCiència-Projectes Natura Team, financed by the programme of grants for educational innovation projects and improvement of teaching quality and with the collaboration of the Delegation for the Incorporation to the UV.

You can see a summary of what the initiative consists of and some of the projects developed in the following video: