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Service responsible:  
Pedro José Fernández Morales  
Functional analyst  
Telephone.: 963 424 157  

The Computer Service of the CIDE has as primary mission the maintenance and the development of all the resources and computer equipment of the Centre. Due to its Joint Centre Nature (CSIC-UV-GV), the Service combines and coordinates the various needs, for covering the objectives of all Departments and Services, in this area.

Due to our last location at the IVIA Campus (Moncada, Valencia), we are facing, with great sorrow, a deficit in the communication system, we have lost for example the WiFi network with Eduroam management, as well as a direct connection with the UV, etc., facts that raise serious problems and gaps in our daily contact with the different applications and institutions, otherwise essential: the Spanish National Research Council, University of Valencia and Valencian Government.

The tasks we develop are those typical from a User Help Centre, among its function we should highlight the following:

  • Installation of operating systems and software (both, of general and specific use for Departments or scientific equipment)
  • Maintenance of equipment (extension, reconfiguration, and reparation)
  • Previous advice for the acquisition of new equipment
  • Website maintenance
  • Coordination and implementation of email clients and security policies (A-Virus) based on the different institutions.
  • Management and implementation of peripheral both of personal and general usage (printers, scanners)