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Our research centres offer several services: 

  • Work placement of the doctoral student in the doctoral student’s room in order to allow the student to work at the research centre.
  • Availability of the laboratory to realise experiments and other studies when needed.
  • Availability of equipment and obtaining or support for new equipment request necessary for the doctoral thesis’ realisation.
  • Technical support in the preparation and availability for the use of different technologies: videoconferences’ equipment, teamwork sessions’ equipment, laboratory equipment, registering as a user in the university system for doctoral students or visiting professors. etc.

Support in the realisation of administrative processes and tasks:

  • Grant applications or mobility aids, conferences, etc.
  • Organisation of the administrative and/or logistic stay aspects, mobility, etc. for visiting professors and researchers, as well as for those who visit other centres.
  • Administrative processes of the doctoral thesis defence, academic assessment committee’s atention, etc. document management for the realisation of the different training activites, etc.
  • Support on the completion of the documentation for research project’s, research equipment requests, etc.