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 The doctoral programme has different mechanisms that provide support and assure the quality of the programme:

  1. Quality committee: this committee is responsible, together with the GADE (Quality Unit of the University of Valencia) of coordinating and managing the processes of evaluation and improvement of quality of the doctoral programme.
  2. Internal mechanism in the guarantee quality programme:
    • Regular monitoring and supervision of the doctoral candidate by its director and codirector. Monthly meetings are established in which the realisation by the doctoral candidate of the objectives proposed in the previous meetings, as well as possible problems that may have come up are analysed. Midway goals are also established, according to the level of development in which the thesis is, possible publications that may be carried out, help to congresses or abroad staying planning by the doctoral candidate in other universities.
    • Days of supervision and advance of doctoral theses and work plans. Each 6 months, these workdays are organised, where doctoral candidates and lecturers of the programme participate. Each doctoral candidate presents the developed work together with the Report of the conducted activities. The documents are revised previously by a lecturer, different from the director of the thesis, that acts as a “referee”. During this workdays, the doctoral candidate gives an oral presentation and receives commentary and suggestions of improvement of his work.
    • Annual evaluation by the Doctoral Coordination Committee (CCD) of the Daily Summaries presented by the doctoral candidates.
    • Annual meeting of the CCD for making decisions on the state of all the theses registered in the programme, evaluating the advances and results obtained by each student.
    • Annual seminary on the research management in Master’s Degree and doctoral for the lecturers of the programme. Annually, workdays for sharing and setting up doctoral theses management strategies with the objective of gradually develop a “Manual de buenas prácticas en dirección de tesis”.
  3. Guarantee mechanisms external to the programme:
    • Satisfaction surveys of the doctoral candidates of the programme carried out by the GADE in each of the periods of the doctoral programme:
      • Training period: assessment of the teaching of the lecturers during the Master’s Degree.
      • Research period: activities carried out during the writing of the thesis, management, tutored sessions, objective, etc.
    • Institutional Assessment Processes: complete assessment process of the Doctoral Programme also carried out by the GADE. Composed of different stages: assessment of the work carried out by the Quality Committee, technical revision, annual report and improvement plan.