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Doctoral Programme in Advanced Hispanic Studies

The ideal profile of the doctoral programme in Advanced Hispanic Studies corresponds with the students graduated from our original Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies: applications and research by the University of Valencia

In case students come from other Master’s in the field of Arts and Human Sciences offered by the University of Valencia (concretely: Master’s degree in Language Consultancy and Literary Culture: Applications in the Valencian Context, Master’s degree in Cultural Management, Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage: Identification, Analysis and Management, Master’s degree in Creative and Humanistic Translation or Master’s Degree in Secondary Education), or from other universities; hence those master’s degrees which are not of philological
content and training. Those students will have to take, as training complements, the research modules of the official Master’s degree in Advanced Hispanic Studies: applications and research (more information in the Master’s website: If their thesis project is within the lines of Spanish Language research, they will have to take a module in Research Theory and Methodology for
Hispanic linguistics (12 credits, annual) and if the thesis is within the research lines of Spanish Literature, they will take the module Theory and Methodology for Spanish literary and theatre research (12 credits, annual). Description, contents, learning outcomes, training activities and assessment systems in both modules are specified in the website for the official Master’s degree in Advanced Hispanic Studies: Applications and Investigation.