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After completing university studies leading to a Doctorate, the person concerned may apply to the issuance of the certificate of the Doctoral School.

The application form can be done on-site or by Ticket.

The completed and signed application form for the doctorate certificate must be submitted as well.

It is very important to write correctly the name and surname on the application form, as it appears on the ID card or passport, with the corresponding accents.

The form must be accompanied by a copy of the ID card or passport.

After receiving the application form, from the Secretariat of the Doctoral School the corresponding receipt will be generated for the payment of the fees for the issuance of the certificate.

The receipt can be paid through the online payment platform of the Universitat de València ( This platform can be accessed through the Personal Area of the UV (, Virtual Office / Student / View Receipts / Online Payments.


Collection of the Doctoral Title

The title will be collected by the person concerned prior identification by ID card or passport in force. In addition, the Doctoral title may be collected by a third person, provided that he or she is reliably identified with his or her ID card or passport and is duly authorised by power of attorney. The power of attorney shall be legalised or notarised if it comes from a foreign entity.

The Doctoral title may also be sent by postal mail upon request by the interested party, who must specify the address for shipment, which must be:

  • In Spanish territory: any of the Spanish government delegations.
  • Abroad: any seat of the Spanish embassies or consulates abroad.

The fees of the certificate shipment shall be paid in advance and represent the following amounts, in accordance with the Law 20/2017 of 28 December, of fees of the Generalitat:

  • Shipment to Spain: €13.50
  • Shipment to Europe: €27
  • Shipment to the rest of countries: €45


Fees for the issuing of the Doctoral Certificate

The fees are fixed annually by the Council of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Government) by means of Decree.

The fees for the 2022/2023 academic year by Decree 123/2022 of 23 September establish that the issuing of the Doctoral Certificate costs €202,68.