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Fill out the application and send it to the following address:

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-Report FIRST QUADRIMESTRE 2 call (physical support):

It must be done in person at the secretary's office, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 14.00 hours -according to the UVEG calendar and instructions there is no afternoon service-.

-Report SECOND QUADRIMESTRE 2 call (physical support):

It must be done electronically by the teaching staff.

Therefore, the reports of the first four-month period 2 call (physical support) must be handed in to the secretary's office before 14.00 on 15 July 2022.

The reports of the second four-month period (digital support) must be completed by the teaching staff before 14.00 on 15 July 2022. 


-Presentation of FIRST QUADRIMESTRE records 2nd call:

Please complete the attached report and send it to the school secretary (, who will sign it. Subsequently, send a notice to with the number of the minutes to be completed and the date and time you request to visit the secretary's office to do so. The staff who manage the minutes will confirm receipt, so that we optimise time and avoid unnecessary attendance.

-Presentation of SECOND QUADRIMESTRE records 1st and 2nd call:

It must be done digitally by the teaching staff; subsequently, the secretary of the school will also validate it digitally.

For any queries or clarifications related to the management of documents, please contact:

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Application form

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