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Nanoparticles have different properties and effects than the same materials in conventional sizes, which may pose unknown risks to the health of the user handling them.

Nanomaterials can be just as harmful or more harmful than particles or non-nanometre-scale fibres of the same material. The properties of nanomaterials such as surface area, chemical composition, size, shape or charge have an important influence on their toxicological properties. At present, there is insufficient toxicological data on the effects on exposed workers.

Users of the Universitat de València who carry out activities with nanomaterials may be exposed to a possible unknown risk.

Health assessment is the instrument that allows us to detect not only the appearance of work-related illnesses, but also the detection of particularly sensitive people who may be susceptible to the risks present in the workplace. For this reason, we consider it necessary to carry out initial and periodic annual medical check-ups for all workers who perform different tasks with nanomaterials. In order to do so, the following questionnaire must be completed.

Put Questionnaire

Once completed should be sent to the following email address:


Remember that the measures of surveillance and control of the health of workers:

  • Shall be carried out with due respect for the worker's right to privacy and dignity and for the confidentiality of all information relating to his or her state of health and that the results obtained shall be communicated only to the workers concerned.
  • Access to medical information of a personal nature shall be limited to medical personnel carrying out health surveillance of workers and to health authorities where legally required.