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Safety is the set of techniques and procedures that are designed to eliminate or reduce the risk rate of accidents at work.

What is a work-related accident?

Unusual, unwanted event that occurs unexpected and abruptly, it is usually avoidable, it interrupts the continuity of work and can cause lesions to people.

Order and cleanliness. Basic principles that benefits safety

  • Allow a more rational use of space.
  • Facilitate extraordinarily undertaking material and organisation preventive measures.
  • Prevent many accidents and unsafe behaviours.
  • Contribute to create a favourable environment to improve working conditions and productivity.

Emergency plans

Each building must have some to prevent accidents and reduce their effects.

Why do we need emergency plans?

  • Define and organise the functions of people who must act in case of emergency (emergency teams).
  • Determine their use of the material means available.
  • Establish the appropriate procedure for obtaining the necessary external assistance.
  • Programme the actions in case of declared emergency until external assistance arrives.