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The research proposal that it is exposed is trying to response to 4 of the specific challenges that are posed by the Spanish strategy of Science and Technology and Innovation under the title CHALLENGE IN CHANGE AND SOCIAL INNOVATIONS.


The main objective is aimed to analyse the role of the personal, generational and sociocultural factors (both individually and collectively) in the development of well-being and work performance. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth and creation of quality employment in the context of the organizational, personal and social changes that are occurring in today's societies. The research will come into terms of different countries: Spain, Italy, Poland and Mexico.


For the development of the current study, we have 3 key inputs that allow us to address the complexity of the questions related to the challenge in changes and social innovation: the generated knowledge in a previous basic project research (reference PSI 2012-36557), the constitution of a research team that integrates different psychological disciplines and the participation of an international team work that involves to expertise researchers in different geographical areas of interest.


From these inputs, our contributions are approaching to 4 fundamental questions:

  • Analysis of the relationships between well-being and work performance that leads to the development of sustainable well-being at work (BLS), addressing them from different operationalisations of these constructs and approaching the dynamics of the relationship between both
  • To analyse the relevant personal factor to understand the sustainable well-being in the work (BLS), related to the active work of the employee (work-elaboration, offers), the strengths of the individual (psychological capital and work capacity) and personal values (orientation of happiness, individualism-collectivism).
  • The consideration of the variable age from a broad perspective that incorporates not only the concept of chronological age or stage of career development, but also historical and generational aspects.
  • The adoption of a transnational and cross-cultural perspective that allows comparing the results in Spain with other European and Latin American countries. The comparison will focus on one hand on another country in Southern Europe (Italy) that is going through a similar economic situation but with lower unemployment rates. On the other hand, we will compare the Spanish situation with that of another country in Eastern Europe (Poland) and Latin America (Mexico) that are a source of migratory movements mainly towards Spain, but also from Spain.
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