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The ICT Support Center is the mechanism through which the problems resulting from the usage of the material resources or services provided by the Information Systems Service to the university community and depending on their function related to the university are solved. 

The ICT Support Center works as follow: all requests are dealt with through an electronic form. In the first instance, we try to put in contact with the requestor by phone. This level is known as first level or remote operation.  In this level we try to solve the problem in collaboration with the user, who has to follow the instructions indicated by the operator. At this point, problems such as proxy settings, email server settings, assistance in the installation of licensed programmes, antivirus update, simple problems with printers, virus cleaning, etc. can be solved.

The average time that takes the phone assistance operators to put in contact with the user goes from 5 to 30 minutes from the receipt of the request.

When the problem cannot be solved as explained above, it passes to the face-to-face operators to try and solve the problem personally. In the event of not being able to contact the requestor and after several attempts, or if we do not reach an agreement with the user, the problem is also transferred to the face-to-face intervention queue.

There are priorities that rule the interventions of the face_to_face operators:

  1. First the will assist the teaching classrooms.
  2. The second priority is the assistance to centres, offices of the secretary, administration, deans’ teams and services.
  3. After this, the assistance to departments, departments’ office of the secretary and teaching staff.
  4. Lastly, assistance to students in the corresponding places.

Because of such a varied casuistry of the interventions, in this level the average response time varies, as it is logical, depending on the priority. From a short time after being in the queue if it is a high-priority problem  (as it could be the could be a problem in a computer room) to days (obviously, never more than 15 days), if the problem is not urgent, for example, the incorporation of a Word dictionary to a PC. In the case that the problem cannot be solved, it is transferred to support groups within the Information Systems Service.

The platform sends a message to the user when the problem has been solved.

The ICT Support Center first level or remote operation is run by five operators.

Face-to-face assistance works according to this campus distribution:

  • Burjassot: 5 operators.
  • Blasco Ibáñez: 11 operators.
  • Tarongers: 6 operators.

The timetable during the academic year is from 08:00 to 18:00 without a break.