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“Conference on Easy-to-read” (18th and 19th of May, 2018, Valencia, Spain)


Presentación de las Jornadas en formato "Lectura Fácil"

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Plena Inclusión (Valencia) has designed the introduction for this conference in Easy-to-read version.

A group people with intellectual disabilities from Koynos association (Valencia) has validated the text.




Some people can’t read difficult texts

because they don’t understand them.

For that reason, there are texts in Easy-to-read version

and Easy-to-read reading clubs.

A lot of people can read these easy texts.

They are persons with intellectual disabilities,

people from other countries or persons who don’t read very well.


The Convention of the United Nations says that

everybody has the right to understand information and texts.

This Convention is like a law every country has to obey.

People have to read.

It is also important to write easy-to-read texts.


The Regional Valencian Ministry for Education

has organised a conference on Easy-to-read

to explain everybody what it is easy-to-read and what it is used for.

This conference will take place on 17 and 18 May in Valencia.

Expert people will talk on easy-to-read.


People from some associations and businesses will participate

in this conference, because they know easy-to-read very well.

Some of them are from Spain and others don’t.

There will also be teachers,

people who work in libraries,

book makers,

and journalists who make news.


All these people will tell us what they do in easy-to-read.

We will know experiences from other countries

and examples of magazines or books made in easy-to-read.

We also will know the rules for writing easy

so that people can read more texts.


Conferences are for professional on education

and people working on libraries and associations.


For the Valencian Government it is very important

that everybody can read.

They have a Valencian Plan to promote books and reading.


The conference is organised by:

The Reading Researach Group  from the Universitat de València,  (it is a centre that study what, why, when, and how people read).

Valencian Goverment for Education and the CEFIRES (CEFIRES are centres where teachers learn more things).