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The digitization of education is already a reality, but this process has been carried out without giving time to a prior analysis of its suitability (Sidorkin, 2017). Educational psychology must face the challenges linked to teaching and learning and new skills, such as reading and digital skills. Digital reading literacy is the ability to locate, integrate, and reflect on information in digital format. The ultimate goal of the OLEDIG project is to develop and optimize the digital reading competence of adolescents (5th to 10th grade students) using high-precision technological tools in natural environments.
Assessing digital reading skills across ages
Learn, Train, Read: A Multidimensional Approach to Spelling Processing
The main objective of project LEPANTO is to analyze the repercussions of the use of digital devices for learning to read in primary and secondary education classrooms, based on a multi-method approach.
Effects of attention and linguistic factors on the acquisition of traffic sign information: behavioural and physiological data from drivers with and without dyslexia.