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Laboratory equipment at the ERI-Lectura



SMI-Eye Tracking Glasses

  • Device designed to record gaze behavior in applied settings.

  • It allows the study of reading during the realization of daily tasks (for instance, comparing the reading on tablet and paper, or analyzing the reading of traffic signals while driving).



  • Device that allows recording gaze behaviour on a computer screen.

  • It also allows analyzing the reading of different types of documents in the laboratory (for instance, studying reading on the Internet or comparing different types of texts).



  • Device that allows recording gaze behaviour on a laptop screen.

  • Being lighter and portable, it allows us to analyze the reading in studies carried out outside the laboratory (for example, at schools).


Eyelink II

  • High precision device to analyse gaze behaviour.

  • It allows the study of reading even at a sub-lexical level (for example, effects of translocation of letters).



  • Physiological registration system of brain electrical activity (EEG).

  • Used to study the neurocognitive processes involved in reading (for example, analysis of evoked potentials).


Biopac MP160

  • Physiological variables registration system (for example, heart rate), used for the analysis of variables associated with reading (for example, cognitive load).


Carnetsoft driving simulator

  • The driving simulator is used to study the reading of road signs.

  • It allows the analysis of reading difficulties (for example, people with dyslexia) and the study of factors to improve readability and understanding of traffic signals.