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Training on neuroscience in marketing

  • November 24th, 2020
Rumbo .Formació en neurociència en màrqueting

Under the Rhumbo research project funded by the EU, the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia is hosting technical sessions on neuroscience applied to marketing. These sessions are coordinated by Enrique Bigne.

Invited speakers from Europe (Insead-France, UK, Ireland, Spain, and Denmark) and the US (University of Maryland) will discuss the latest research on neuroscience and virtual reality. The sessions are addressed to ESRs of the Marie Curie ITN research project on measures of subconscious brain processes through the use of mixed reality technologies (MRT) and advanced biometric signals processing as a new paradigm to improve the knowledge that implicit brain processes have in human decision-making. Limited seats are available for other researchers and staff. 

Sessions will start on November 30-December 1st on a full day basis. For more details please contact