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  • It is known that the business area and its different aspects brings together an important amount of attention of legal operators, not only lawyers, judges and magistrates, bankruptcy administrators and others, but also bodies and professions of the different Administrations focused exclusively or perminently in that sphere, like for example tax inspectors, labour inspectors of workers from the social security, business registrar, etc.
  • On the other hand, business advising is not only about just the management of its regular activity. Each time it demands more and more the appropiate knowledge of the options and possibilities that the legal system gives to development and different points of view of the business activity, both at national level and at its international expansion, ensuring that the best usage of the opportunities shown every moment in every sphere.
  • Addressed to provide this training, the Master’s degree trains students to advice businesses from the outside ─ law firms; advice offices; definition of the business policy companies; on the inversion, expansion or corporate restructuring areas; employement or staff policy plans or tax planification concerning the law and international treaties.
  • Likewise, in companies counting with ther own legal services or staff, inversion, financial or tax departaments, the daily routine requires from competences and abilities to deal with dynamic, changing environments to which the company must constantly adapt, aiming to guide its activity and to anticipate to possible problems in order to avoid them, without perjudice of counting with the needed tools to solve them if they get to happen.
  • Within this framework, this Master’s degree trains intern or extern advisors of companies who are in charge of solving conflicts the companies see them involved and of providing the needed specialised knowledge base to whom aims to opt for civil servant bodies specialised in market, labour and taxes.