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  • It is necessary to remember that the Universitat de València, as an academic training programme, pioneered along with the University of Sevilla fifty years ago the itemisation of the licentuatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) in Law into three specialisations, one of them called “Corporate Law”. When the rest of Spanish universities started changing their juridical studies programmes in the 90s, Valencia had been giving lessons for thirty years a second cycle of the licenciatura focused in Corporate Law. When the first year of the new Curriculum was introduced and it added the new credit system and more optional studies in 1993, this cycle was composed by more than 2,000 students. Something between a third and a half of the 900 people that graduated in the Faculty of Valencia per year came from there.
  • Likewise, also since the last decade of the last century, more than a thousand of them have been attending Universitat-specific degrees just because they want to go deep into the subject and have an intention of reaching a specialisation with the denomination of Master’s Degree and more than 500 hours a year on teaching, being focused in the judicial area of entrepreneurship ─ The Master’s Degree in Corporate Legal Advice, which has been being taught many years until the introduction of this Official Master’s Degree. Also, the Master’s Degree in Finances and Taxes has more than twelve editions on its back and has been awarded because of their quality for entities that are external to the Universitat, like i.e. the Universidad-Empresa Foundation, the Ministry of Finance and others. Other Master’s Degrees that are about another aspects on the company too, like those dedicated to risk prevention and labour health, human resources, etc.; as well as other even more specific, like Social Economics and others.
  • In conclusion: since 2006, year in which the Spanish higher education system introduced the official title of Master’s Degree, the Universitat de València implanted this Master’s Degree in Corporate Law, after being modified to adapt itself to new regulations and to respond the academic professional interest and the social requests of those who studied it. There were only 12 students in the first edition, but now they are more than 100. An important part of them are foreign students ─ they come from Latin America and other judicial systems further from the Spanish language, like Russia and countries in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle East, China, USA and, of course, the European Union.