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  • The Master’s Degree in Corporate Law, Commercial Consultancy, Labour Advisory and Tax Advice aims to provide students with a training programme which is highly specialised in training profiles focused in Commercial, Labour and Fiscal Consulting. Providing them with needed competences and abilities both to work professionally and to develop a research activity in this area.
  • In this order, it is addressed to professionals and those holding a degree in any business-related subject, like for example Law, ADE, Labour Relations, etc.; assuring their specialisation as intern employees or extern advisors of the companies, either in commercial, labour or fiscal consulting.  The experience of more than ten years teaching it allows us to ensure a considerable improvement of attending professionals and high employability of graduates.
  • The Curriculum is organised in 90 credits divided in three semesters. In the first one, 30 common credits must be taken; in the second one, 30 of teaching the chosen specialisation: commercial, labour or tax; in the third one, 20 credits of extern placements, equal to 600 hours in companies, consultancies and entities; plus 10 credits of the Master’s Degree Final Project if a professional itinerary is chosen; or 20 credits of methodology plus 10 credits of the TFM if the student is aiming to become a researcher.