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On 1 June 2017 it took place the Graduation Act of the 2015-2017 class. The Act was attended by Ms. María Vicenta Mestre Escrivà, Vice-Principal for Academic Planning and Teaching Staff of the Universitat de València; Ms. María Dolores Sancerni, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology. Universitat de Valènci; Ms. Lourdes Cardona, Drug Addiction Prevention Service. Valencian Department for Health Valencian Government; Ms. Manuela Martínez, Head of the Department of Psychobiology. Universitat de València and D. José Miñarro, Director of the Master’s Degree. Universitat de València.

 Participants highlighted the effort and dedication put day by day, which are necessary to maintain, since 2010 to the present day, a high quality level, as the one reflected in the recent accreditation given by AVAP. The teaching staff, the Master’s Degree’s direction and, especially, the students who were graduating at that moment, were also congratulated. They were congratulated for choosing the option of obtaining a qualified and specialised training, which is really demanded by society at this time.

After this, diplomas were delivered with the unanimous desire that all of them have a long and satisfactory career in their professional life, in the different areas in which they have been trained, such as prevention of drug use along with treatment and reintegration of drug addicts.