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Dr Miguel Ángel Alcázar Córcoles Professor Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment. Autonomous university of Madrid

Dr Julio J. Antón Peinado

Director of the Therapeutic Community “Los Vientos

Dr Francisco J. Bueno Cañigral Head of Local Plan for Drug Addiction (PMD).
Department for Health, City Council of Valencia
Dr. Julio Bobes Full University Professor. Department of Medicine. University of Oviedo. Boss of Service of Psychiatric of the Sanitary Area of Oviedo. Director of the group of investigation CIBERsam.
Dr Teresa Brugal Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction.
Public Health Agency of Barcelona.
Dr Mª Isabel Colado Department of Pharmacology. School of Medicine.
Complutense University of Madrid

Dr Fernando Cadaveira Mahía

Full University Professor in Psychobiology.
University of Santiago de Compostela.

Dr Stephanie Caillé

"Neuropsychopharmacology of Addiction" Group.
University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France.

Dr Enrique Cantón Chirivella

Tenured Professor of Basic Psychology.
University of Valencia.

Dña. Mónica de la Guía Psychologist and Social worker. Social services of San Juan de Dios in Valencia.
Dr. Nuria del Olmo Professor of Pharmacology. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and of the Health. University CEU Saint Pablo. Madrid.
Dr Elena Escubedo Rafa Full Professor of Pharmacology. 
Faculty of Pharmacy and Cièncias of the Feeding. UB

Dr Magi Farre

Researcher of the Human Pharmacology and Neurosciences Unit. Full University Professor
Hospital del Mar Research Institute-IMIM.
University Autònoma de Barcelona.

Dr Jorge Fernández López

Psychologist of the Maritim Low Demand Centre (CIBE) of the Anti-AIDS Committee of the Valencian Community.

Dr María José Fernández Serrano

Full Professor of Department of Phsychology.

University of Jaén.

Dr Vincenzo de Feo

Full Professor of Pharmacognosy.
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
State University of Salerno. Italy.

Dr Francisca Fonseca Casals

Psychiatrist. Neuropsychiatry and Addictions Institute ( INAD)

Institute Hospital del Mar Medical Research Health - IMIM. Parque Mar. Barcelona.
Dr Antoni Gual

Addictions Unit. Psychiatry Department. ICN
Hospital Clínic. IDIBAPS. Barcelona.

Dr Eugenio H. Grevet Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine School of Medicine. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Brazil
Dr Consuelo Guerri Head of the Cellular Pathology Unit.
Príncipe Felipe Research Centre. Valencia.

Dr Gonzalo R. Haro

Programme of Dual Serious Pathology (P.P.D.G) Mental Health Area.
Hospital Provincial of Castello

Dr Susana Jimenez Murcia Head of Pathological Gambling Unit Department of Psychiatry. University Hospital of Bellvitge. Barcelona
Dr Karl Knecht Psychiatrist, Mental Health Unit in Villarreal
Valencian Department for Health. Valencian Government.
Dr. Rafael Maldonado Neuropharmacology Laboratory, Department of Experimental and Health Sciences, Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona.
Pompeu Fabra University
Dr. Jorge Manzanares Neuroscience Institute.
Miguel Hernández University - CSIC San Juan de Alicante.

Dr José M. Martínez Selva

Full University Professor in Psychobiology.
University of Murcia.

Dr. Klaus A. Miczek Moses Hunt Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, Pharmacology and Neuroscience.
Tufts University, Medford, MA (USA).

Dr Juan C. Molina

Main researcher CONICET-Argentina.
Tenured Professor of Experimental Psychobiology
Dr Iván Montoya Clinical director Division of Investigation of Treatments of the Abuse of Drugs of the NIDA. EEUU
Dr Ignacio Morgado Full University Professor in Psychobiology.
University Autónoma of Barcelona.
Dr. Andrew Parrot Full University Professor in Psychology..Swansea University. United Kingdom.
Dr. Francisco Pascual Pastor Medical coordinator of the UCA of ALCOI, president of SOCIDROGALCOHOL and adviser of CAARFE.

Dr Daniela Ribeiro Schneider

Professor of the Department of Psychology
Federal University of Santa Catarina. Florianopolis. Brazil

Dr Fernando Rodríguez de Fonseca

Complutense University of Madrid.

Network Coordinator addictive disorders.

IMABIS Foundation. Málaga.

Dr Nuria Romo Professor Department of Antropologia Social. University of Granada. Director University Institute of Investigation of Studies of the Women and of Gender.
Dr Gabriel Rubio

Tenured Professor of Psychiatry
UCM of Madrid Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid.
Network of Addictive Disorders.

Dr Pedro Seijó Director Centre Treatment Dispensary of Addictions. Deputation of Cádiz. Psychiatrist Consultor Centres Penitenciarios Seville I and II. Coordinator of the III Andalusian Plan on drugs and addictions
Dr Rosario Soriano Redondo

Clinical Psychology and Graduate in Criminology
Coordinator of the Evaluation and Support in Drug Addictions Unit (UVAD). Valencia

Dr Vicente Simón Pérez

Specialist in “Mindfulness” in drug addictions
Full University of Psychobiology Valencia

Dr Marta Torrens Head of Addiction Program Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Addictions.
Parc de la Salut Mar. University Autònoma de Barcelona.
Dr Olga Valverde Full University Professor in Psychobiology.
Research Group in Behavioural Neurobiology (GRNC). Department of Experimental and Health Sciences. University Pompeu Fabra, Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona.
Dr Irene Ventura Meneu

Clinical Psychology
Unit of the Study of Alcohol

Dr Vadim Yuferov

Rockefeller University (USA).