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Who is this Master’s Degree targeted at?

It is specially directed to students who have taken Degrees in Human Studies, but also to those who having taken the former llicenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree) and want to update or recycle their knowledge.

Can I enrol in the 60 credits of the Master’s degree in only one academic course?

No, the legislations in the Universitat de València foresees the enrolment of part-time students, so thast they can take the master’s degree in two academic years, as long as they enrol in a minimum of 25 or 36 credits, depending on the interests and posibilites of the student.

Can I obtain a grant or economic aid in order to take the master’s degree?

Yes, regardless other aids and calls, it is important to consider that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports convenes each year the Collaborating Scholarship with the different university departments aimed at students taking their last year of an undergraduate degree or enrolled in the master’s degree. Additionally, the Universitat de València also convenes some aids for an Introduction to Research for those students taking a Master’s degree. It is important to be aware of the calls through the Student Service.

Can I specialize in a specific historical period taking this master’s degree?

Options for historical specialisation are opened to the students, who can opt for choosing only the subjects related to a specific Knowledge Field (Old History, Medieval History, Modern history, Historiographical Techniques and Sciences, except for core modules,  which have to be taken by all students unfailingly. If the student has a general interest in History and decides on a training which includes different periods, according to their options, they only have to take two subjects per module even if the correspond to different Knowledge Fields.