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Professors and subjects

Teaching staff 14/15 activated subjects 14/15 non-activated subjects
Miguel Requena Jiménez Lines and debates of the Ancient Western History  
José Mª Cruselles Gómez Written sources of the public power in the late Middle Ages  
Mónica Bolufer Peruga Perspective of research in Modern History  
Francisco Gimeno Blay/ Mª José Carbonell Boria Written memory in the transition from Middle Ages to Modern Ages.  
Antonio Ledo Caballero City and territory in the Classic World: Roman city in the High Empire.  
    Landscape an exploitation of the agricultural resources within the Greco-Roman sphere: the wine
Paulio Iradiel Murugarren Production, exchanges and taxation in the late Middle Ages  
Enrique Cruselles Gómez Market and markets in the Medieval West  
    Urbanisation in the Modern Ages: politic capitals and big ports.
    Manorialism in the modern west Europe
Mª José Carbonell Boria The city as a space for written communication in the Lower Middle Ages  
    Democracies and oligarchies in the Greek World: Athens and Sparta
Carmen Alfaro Giner Identity, ethnicity and gender in European mythological origins  
Rafael Narbona Vizcaíno Res Publica and low medieval urban communities  
Ferran Garcia-Oliver Garcia Family and rural communities in the Lower Middle Ages  
    Richness, power and privilege: the transformation of
aristocracy in Modern Europe
    Popular challenges in Modern Europe
    Written culture and genre in the Low Middle Ages
Juan José Seguí Marco Central power and suburbs in the Classic World: Roman provinces  
    Army and brutality in the formation of Europe: from Adrianople to Catalaunian Plains
Antoni Furió Diego Power and taxation in Medieval Europe  
Enrique Guinot Rodríguez Social organization of space: the construction of Medieval landscape  
    Constitutional models in Modern europe
    Officials and bureaucrats in Modern Europe
    Archive and libraries: forms of power in the transition from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age
Manuel Albaladejo Vivero Monotheism versus polytheism: Teodosio I:  
    Popular culture and religion in Ancient Western World: the Roman calendar
Mateo Rodrigo Lizondo Religious culture and profane culture during the Middle Ages.  
    Socio-cultural minorities in the Lower Middle Ages: Jews and Muslims
    Modern thinking and cultural revolution
    The spaces of modern culture
Mª Luz Mandingorra Llavata/ José Vicente Boscá Codina The transmission of literary text as a cultural expression between Antiquity and Middle Ages  
Isabel Morant Deusa Gender and History in the formation of the Western World  
Josep Torró Abad Medieval archeology  
M. Concepción Ferragut Dominguez / Ferran Grau Codina/Ricardo Hernández Pérez Latin specific for historians  
Alejandro Valiño Arcos Foundations of European legal cultures  
  Master¡s Degree Final Project