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This module aims to facilitate the development of the specific and usual management activities of a human resources department in a private company or a public institution, or in a consultant’s office that deals with labour issues and human resources. Thus, the students can have a global and comprehensive view of the activities of human resources management in the company, through collaboration, participation and practice by the activities proposed by the tutor of the company.

The allocation of the work placements available will be carried out depending on the availability of academic tutors (always they have enough credits for attending an student).
An informative session addressed to all the students enrolled at the module will be done. The students will have the information about the offer by ADEIT (or they will have submitted an autopracticum). The students that have to choose a company they will do it in this session by the order established in function of their marks in the academic record. Each student will be advised and guided during the development of work placements by the two tutors.

- The academic tutor or intern that will be a professor of the Master’s.
- The tutor of the collaborating centre or external that will be a professional appointed by the collaborating centre and with whom the student will develop the work placements.
Once all students have been allocated to the different work placement places, these should contact with the academic tutor as soon as possible.

The students must submit the work placement report in the deadline established to their academic tutor, who will proceed to its assessment. In general, the report will include, at least , the following sections:

1. Practicum context (Description of the company, objectives, mission, vision, etc.), and description and/or the team in which work placements have been developed
2. Description of the tasks developed/observed and of the instruments or techniques employed
3. Description of the skills acquired.
4. General assessment of the practicum

This should be at the end of the bibliography and/or the documents used for the report. In all cases, the report should be original and its length should be between 25 and 40 pages. The responsible of the final mark is the academic tutor. In the assessment of work placements the quality of the report submitted and the assessment of the external tutor on the aptitude, efficiency and interest of the student during the work placement period will be considered.